Just +1 more time

Google tries (again) to get social.

Social Media seems to be Google’s Achilles heel. Despite its massive amount of dispensable cash and world-class talent, Google can’t seem to buy, build or implement anything social with the kind of success one comes to expect from the Google brand. Which is precisely why Google intentionally leaked their own video to cross-promote Google Chrome and its rumored "+1" feature. It's a beautiful spot – and an amazing tactic.

(video here)

Did you catch it – Watch closely around :51.

Google thinks +1 will be their social game changer. The current market isn’t over-saturated with consumer endorsement platforms, and the only "real" competition would obviously be Facebook's "Like" (which is still less than 1.5 years old.) Google's emerging strategy (or so we can assume from the leaked video) is to launch +1 as a one-click button on the toolbar of Google’s popular Chrome web browser. And while it may not be the most original idea, (Digg, and Stumbleupon pioneered the consumer-endorsement via toolbar’ concept) Chrome certainly has the user base to give it a fighting chance at success.

(video here)

The only preliminary drawback is that in order to "+1" something, you must be signed into your Google account. However, this is not unlike Facebook's like policy, so no ground is lost for Google. +1 might be the social platform Google has been waiting for all these years, but will its entrance impact or even redefine the importance of the Facebook's like?

That's the answer the global online community must decide.

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