Cargo Study Finds 52% of Brands Aren't Effectively Marketing to Small Business Owners.

B2SB Study reveals what's influencing today's small business decision makers.

The B-Side Marketing Project, a thinking partnership between Inc. and Cargo, is a long-term research initiative that brings a voice to the under-served Small Business Owner (SBO). Conducted in February and March 2012, the foundational study is thought to be the first of its kind to focus on the current state of small businesses and how brands market to them. Drawn from 554 qualified responses, the findings uncover SBO behaviors, attitudes and insights. With these results, marketers will be able to better understand and ultimately better connect with this passionate, driven and loyal audience.

This preliminary study focuses on top media and information sources for small businesses, technology usage, and mistakes brands make when marketing to them. As experts specializing in marketing to small business, even the team at Cargo was surprised by the degree of disconnection between Brands and SBOs:
  • 43% of SBOs state that brands do not understand their needs.
  • 45% of SBOs state that brands do not make the effort to understand my business.
  • 46% of SBOs state that brands try to sell to me versus talking to me.
Future phases of the project include an online “Voice of Customer” community, real-time polls/surveys, roundtable sessions, and a future study focusing on segmentation within the small business psychographic. You can begin discovering the results of our foundational study by downloading the Micro-Report and by following the evolution of the B-Side Marketing Project at http://thinkcargo.com/metrics.

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