Twitter Rumors Run Rampant.

On May 25th, Tweetdeck formally announced (via twitter) that it had been acquired by Twitter.

Amid upgrade announcements, new acquisition rumors emerge.

Since the beginning of April, Twitter news and rumors have been buzzing non-stop on Social Media blogs. First came news that Twitter will soon offer “Facebook” style brand pages to increase its revenue from advertising. These special pages would provide brands with their own space to deliver content and encourage users to follow them. This upgrade wouldn’t be a huge change to marketers, but Twitter promises to shuffle these brand pages in the highly targeted “who to follow” tab to boost brand exposure and potentially increase brand following.

Next came the news that Twitter will be launching geo-targeted promoted tweets and will finally open its data floodgates to marketers. At the Ad Age Digital Conference in New York Adam Bain, president of revenue at Twitter said this geo-targeted service will be available in 21 US cities and more than 100 countries. When released, this proximity service could be used for any number of creative executions including coupons, special events and general brand awareness. Bain also introduced the “Follower Dashboard”, which breaks down a brand’s follower demographics by age, location and interests.

Then a rumor surfaced that Google recently tried (unsuccessfully) to purchase Twitter for a whopping $10 Billion. That’s quite a sum for a company that has yet to turn a profit. And this isn’t the first time Twitter has turned down a multi-billion dollar acquisition. It recently came to light that Social Media mogul Facebook was denied when it tried to buy Twitter last Fall for $2 Billion Dollars.

Which brings us to April’s latest Twitter rumor. The Wall Street Journal reports Twitter is in talks to buy the popular third-party app, Tweetdeck. Sources close to the deal reveal Twitter is offering $50 Million Dollars, a sum that outbids rival company UberMedia by $20 Million Dollars. The reasons behind this attempted acquisition remain unclear, but Twitter may be attempting to take back their service, rather than have third party programs piggy-back off their own API.

So what does this buzz mean to marketers?
  • It means Twitter is here to stay.
  • It means Twitter is looking to simplify and improve its services for both users and marketers.
  • It means Twitter is looking to join the geo-location race.
  • And it means there’s never been a better time to start using social media, or to strengthen your current social media plan.

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