Will ZOOVE Change Mobile Marketing?

Brands investing in “easy” marketing technologies could be missing the point.

First, let me say that Cargo has always been a fan of new technology. If you’ve heard of it, we’ve probably already tinkered with it. We take a holistic and passionate approach to technology, believing that any technology can be used creatively, and that no one technology will miraculously solve your brand’s problem.

That said, we think it’s time to take the QR Code off hype-support. Yes the little black and white designs have a creative, curious draw to them (We've even seen a functional one made of lego blocks…) Yes, they form a critical bridge between print and digital. And yes, their popularity is steadily growing.

But chances are, they aren’t the Lucky Strike solution to your communication problem. Let’s break down the optimal QR situation: First, the consumer needs a relatively new cell phone with a camera, a good mobile internet signal and a QR reading app. Then the consumer needs to find a code that interests them enough to open an app, take a photo and wait to see what happens next. Sometimes something amazing happens – We've seen some really cool QR creative floating around on the internet. But most of the time, this little square it takes you to a brand website that isn’t even optimized for mobile viewing.

How exhilarating*

Lately, some of our technology circles have been buzzing about “Zoove”. This QR-killing technology behaves much like a QR code, but instead of taking a photo, you simply dial ** followed by a brand’s name or phrase and zoove will send you a link. Simple and cool enough, right? And best of all, this function can be used by all mobile devices. But hold the proverbial phone – If you don’t have a smart phone, this service can only send you a voice message. And if you’re on a tablet, you may be out of luck.

So instead of jumping on the next bandwagon, consider investing time and effort into actually improving your mobile site or strategy. Chances are, your mobile users will be grateful for the relevant content and user-friendly features, and you’ll gain more by delivering the information they need verses a providing a trendy mechanism to get them there.

*Cargo loves the QR Code as a new way connect with consumers. They are very useful and the technology is still in its infancy. But we feel more thought needs to be put towards using them properly and in concert with a comprehensive marketing effort rather than just slapping them on every piece of branded material, directing them to a sub-par mobile website.

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