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Cyber Attackers Have A Target, And Its Name Is SMBs


The web. It’s such a wonderful place. Information at your fingertips, better connections with customers, more opportunity to sell, and a world of possibilities. What could go wrong?

Enter cyber attacks.

They’re are on the rise, and seem to have a strong liking for small businesses. So, you would most likely assume that SBOs are rushing to their computers and tech guys to implement the best security measures ASAP.


Hacks cost the U.S. economy $100 B per year, and according to a study by McAfee, almost 90% of SMBs lack data protection for company and customer information. And it’s not necessarily a cost issue. Turns out, the majority just don’t see it as a huge risk.

Knock, knock. It’s Opportunity. And it’s waiting at the doors of big brands that can help.

So tech brands: It’s a chance to prove that you care. That the SBOs matter to you, and that you’re willing to educate them on their risks. Just because SBOs aren’t running around in fear doesn’t mean that marketing “safety” should be forgotten. In fact, it should take more of a priority.

It’s time for brands to step in and become a helpful source. SBOs wear many hats, and their time is not a-plenty. If they don’t know their tech-risks, teach them. Become the brand that they want to keep around.

But make sure it’s genuine.

SBOs can tell when they’re being sold to, and it’s not desired. No one wants to be used- especially SBOs. But if you can provide them with valued knowledge, their appreciation for your brand will only grow – and it’ll make them question the other brands that didn’t.

Security is a huge issue for these SBOs, even if they don’t all see it. By using a smart approach, brands can make it clear that they are looking out for their best interests. It’s not about using their vulnerability to make sales. It’s about stepping in as a friend and making it clear that your word is good.

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