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The Small Business Clique


When we were kids there was always a popular crowd. They had the best of everything - clothes, toys, technology - and there was that little bit of envy if you weren’t one of them. Then there are those individuals who flew under the radar. They weren’t as well known, but when you took the time to get to know them, you realized maybe they were really the coolest people. So you may be asking yourself, “what on earth does that have to do with B2SB Marketing®?” Bear with me.

Some of the biggest brands in the world focus on the “cool kids,” or the consumers as we call them. You’ve got your “fun-loving, after-hours singles,” or the “edgy, tire-flipping workout warriors.” Heck, even the “quirky, mid-40’s super mom” crowd is ripe with marketing opportunities. And marketing to these “fun-sumers” definitely can help build awareness and sales for some brands.

But there’s another group of consumers out there that is too often overlooked. One that is more loyal to the brands they work with than a “sports junky” is to his favorite team. And more passionate about their focus than a “hipster” is about vinyls, beards, and skinny jeans. Yep, I’m talking the Small Business crowd.

SMBs are the most passionate group, which is often why they start their businesses in the first place. They want to control their own destiny and hope others will have as much pride and care in their business as they do. And that may have been misunderstood as “nerdy” back in the day, but now we know it as “passion.”

SBOs are smart and ambitious and can easily see through the fake marketing claims. It’s important to have a conversation. SBOs say, “talk to me” don’t “sell to me.” And finally, add value with your marketing claims. Show how your product can help a SMB be more productive or solve a common problem. Talk about the benefits of how your product can help them versus just the features.

We already know everyone talks to the “cool kids,” and your marketing budget is probably allocated heavily to this crowd. But if you take the time (and resources) to get to know the kid sitting by himself at lunch, you may just find a friend (customer) for life.

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