Cargo built this website to show off the JCB skid steer's main end benefit – unrivaled cabin vision. The panoramic layout and effects between page navigations help enhance the idea of endless sight.
Since vision powers the world's safest skid steer, the cabin interior page needed to be something special. Using hotspots to call out specific features and a "moving" environment outside the cab, a more realistic effect was created for the user.
Simple navigation guides the user between models while any one of the extensive family of attachments can be explored in detail with the click of a mouse.
The micro-site was an instant international hub for launches in North America, Russia, the UK, and Italy – with more countries following suit.

JCB: JCB Skid Steer Site

A new product with amazing visibility and a company with a history of innovation is what Cargo started with for the launch of JCB's New Generation Skid Steer. The outcome was a global launch with a slick product site and a new positioning for a revamped product line. "Nobody Rivals Our Vision" hit on the core benefit and kept going into the passion of the brand.