Our Team

These are just some of the beautiful faces behind the brilliant work. Get familiar. They’re the ones you’ll get to know first once you reach out.

Toby Stansell Chief Executive Officer
Traci Beasley Director of Client Solutions and Services
David Estrada Global Executive Producer
Rocky French Executive Creative Director
Bryce Gartner Chief Experience Officer
Dan Gliatta Chief Strategy Officer

Our Story

We’ve been around for a long time. And over the years, we’ve hit a lot of milestones that we’re proud of. See our pinnacle moments that drive us to get out of bed every day and continue to grow.

Apr. 11, 2006
Day 1

First opens

Nov. 1, 2009
Day 1,300

Merges with Southeast's Leading Digital Agency

Jan. 2, 2010
Day 1,362

Lands first top 100 global brand

Feb. 12, 2012
Day 2,133

Moves from Generalist to Specialist Agency

Apr. 25, 2013
Day 2,571

Opens office in Toronto, ON

Jun. 01, 2013
Day 2,608

Launches first B2SB Small Business Study

Jun. 28, 2014
Day 3,000

Trademarked B2SB Marketing

Sept. 1, 2018
Day 4,526

Expands positioning to B2BB Marketing

Dec. 17, 2020
Day 5,364

Opens New North American Headquarters

Nov. 1, 2021
Day 5,683

Launches Cargo Studios & Cargo Strategy

Feb. 22, 2022
Day 5,690

Opens European Headquarters in Amsterdam