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  • Client Engagement Coordinator


    The Client Engagement Coordinator is often the entry-level position at Cargo in regards to client services. Coordinators provide team and client support working primarily with the Client Engagement and Project Managers. They assist in the day-to-day production of work with a primary focus on quality control, project efficiency, and team administrative support.

    • The Requirements
      • Minimum 4 yr. college degree – marketing related focus and internship a plus
      • Voracious learner and creative problem solver
      • Interest in, and aptitude for, the creative and marketing business
      • Positive, self-motivated, and willing to expand knowledge
      • Ability to self-manage while supporting the team and multiple projects
      • People-person who enjoys a collaborative and fast-paced working environment
      • Very strong attention to detail and organization
      • Strong business writing and editorial review skills
      • Capable in traditional business tools like MS Office and online and secondary research
    • The Responsibilities
      • Developing and maintaining a working-level understanding of assigned client’s industries, company culture, products/services, and strategic communication plan
      • Proactively communicating with key team members on a daily basis in a professional, efficient manner
      • Attends to the needs of the team and continually seeks ways to add value to the client-agency relationship
      • Prepares client service-related documents such as client status reports, meeting agendas, meeting reports, and other client communications and correspondence
      • Participates in and documents decisions during client meetings and conference calls
      • Creates and/or provides feedback on project starts, tasks, estimates, and timelines
      • Fields and processes internal requests from team
      • Critical team member in ensuring work follows internal routing process and reviews work for accuracy before delivering to team and client decision-makers
      • Assists in various QA/Testing
      • Coordinates and helps prep for internal/external meetings
      • Maintains current work-in-progress details and archives of past project information as appropriate
      • Assists team Project Manager in ensuring jobs stay on schedule/track and deadlines are met
      • Follows up on jobs and projects internally and externally when needed
      • Makes travel arrangements for team members and helps with some team related administrative duties
      • Supports the building of internal/external presentations
      • Constantly looks for ways to make work better

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  • Client Engagement Manager


    The Client Engagement Manager serves as the primary contact between client and agency. The CE Manager identifies client needs and opportunities, leads and manages client expectations, and provides strategic direction to the agency team. The CE Manager is ultimately responsible for managing projects, client expectations, and the quality of Cargo work.

    • Responsibilities
      • Works with Team Lead and keeps them informed of the status of accounts including plans, meetings, and current/future projects
      • Resolves client issues or escalates them to Team Lead
      • Leads and manages the client and works directly with the client daily
      • Leads, manages, and collaborates daily on work with client-centric team
      • Works with Team Lead to coordinate strategy and planning for clients by involving necessary team (dedicated or shared) members
      • Creates client documentation including Meeting Agendas, Status Reports, Call/Meeting Reports, Proposals, Presentations, and other client communications/correspondence
      • Monitors client business, competitors, and industry to gather research and intel
      • Reports intelligence and POV to client and Cargo team when appropriate
      • Provides client research necessary for brief development and Cargo team education
      • Reviews analytics data and tracking metrics for campaigns and projects
      • Supports New Business Team as requested
      • Responsible for monthly billing for assigned clients
    • Project Management
      • Works with Producer/Project Manager to develop estimates: scope, time and cost
      • Monitors and manages the profitability of projects
      • Supports and participates in the strategic briefing and planning process
      • Leads team production briefing
      • Reviews/routes projects for quality control (content proofing, on strategy, on objective, and meets client needs/expectations) before presenting to client
      • Works with team to meet schedules and milestones
      • Schedules client presentation and review meetings as necessary
      • Routes projects to clients for review/feedback/approval
      • Updates team directly and via Workspace on client feedback

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  • Digital Marketing Strategist


    The Digital Marketing Strategist (DMS) is a leader in the expansion and enhancement of Cargo’s digital marketing and Account-based Marketing (ABM) capabilities. S/he works directly with the agency strategy and client-centric teams to plan, implement and optimize all forms of digital marketing.

    This seasoned, digitally-focused individual must continue to grow his/her core skillset and continue to gain exposure to how digital and ABM is leveraged within the overall communication mix. The role requires an innovator, a trendsetter, a progressive thinker who can connect and integrate digital solutions to help drive client’s marketing and business success.

    This person helps plan and guide the approach to digital and ABM initiatives including social media integration, CRM, search and online advertising campaigns, email/mobile marketing programs, as well as making recommendations regarding emerging digital and new marketing technologies.

    The DMS must be able to spot digital trends, understand the digital future and identify behaviors, matching these with client and brand needs to create truly beneficial customer experiences and solutions. This individual should be able to educate and inspire the entire Cargo team about best practices and emerging trends.

    • Typical Activities
      • Gathers data to develop well-informed and effective strategic recommendations
      • Researches clients, customers, categories and competitors to understand them and their drivers, needs and pains
      • Encourages team members to learn and grow as it relates to digital marketing and ABM
      • Writes clear strategies and plans that inspire team members to create exceptional work
      • Analyzes data, reports and human intel to uncover opportunities to stimulate growth
      • Works with team leads to review incoming requests and campaigns
      • Along with others on the strategic team, leads audit/strategy for digital ideas and campaigns
      • Identifies opportunities and partners on organic and new business initiatives across the digital space (ABM, CRM, search, social media, mobile and emerging technology)
      • Assists in the development of RFPs and proposals
      • Present proposals and recommendations to clients (acts as lead voice of digital and ABM with clients)
      • Participate in and contribute to client/project meetings
      • Keeps up-to-date with technology and emerging digital marketing trends
      • Mentors, guides and supports Cargo team as needed
      • Works closely with the analytics team to monitor performance and provide insights on optimization
      • Balances technical skills with marketing agency experience and a general enthusiasm for ABM, advertising, branding and communications
      • Provides a perspective on creative, functional, and technical direction of digital solutions for clients
    • Skills Required
      • A proven track record in the development of digital and ABM strategic plans and campaigns to meet client marketing and business goals and objectives
      • The ability to understand the needs of consumers and target audiences
      • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
      • The drive to help others learn and succeed
      • The insight to identify problems and take measures to rectify them
      • The resilience to work across a number of projects and balance an intense work load
      • An enthusiasm and passion for digital marketing and all things advertising
      • The willingness to collaborate with a diverse team of thinkers and doers
      • A desire to be bold and do bold things

    Working in an agile team environment, the DMS is naturally organized and analytical, with a practical approach to the work and a willingness to share their knowledge with colleagues.

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  • Business Development Specialist


    The Business Development Specialist (BDS) is a key contributor to Cargo’s NA business development efforts. S/he works directly with the CEO and President to help find, engage, nurture and close new prospective business and supports growing existing clients.

    This driven, people-person has two primary measurements of success – securing a qualified meeting with prospects and helping to grow incremental revenue with existing clients. International experience is a plus and previous business development and/or sales experience is a must.

    This person reports to the CEO and works in collaboration with the sales and marketing teams to help plan, execute and optimize Cargo’s US and Canada business development efforts. The BDS initially will manage one direct report (Business Development Coordinator) and will be based in Cargo’s main office in Greenville, SC, but will also spend time in and support Cargo’s Toronto location.

    • Typical Activities
      • Communicates with cold, warm and hot prospects via phone, email, social or in-person with the primary goal of securing a virtual or in-person meeting
      • Gathers data-driven and human intel on target prospects to help inform communication
      • Works directly within Cargo’s CRM tool to capture activities and plans for what’s next
      • Works directly with Cargo Canada’s President on Canada-specific BD plans and activities
      • Works directly with Cargo US’ CEO on US-specific BD plans and activities
      • Writes clear strategies and plans that inform and inspire team members
      • Analyzes data, reports and human intel to uncover opportunities to drive growth
      • Works with the full Cargo marketing and sales team on integrated BD campaigns
      • Partners with client leads to grow existing client relationships and revenue
      • Assists in the development of new client RFPs and proposals
      • Manages and mentors the Business Development Coordinator
      • Participate in and contribute to agency meetings as needed
      • Keeps up-to-date with technology and emerging sales trends
      • Balances sales skills with marketing experience and a general enthusiasm for prospecting, nurturing and helping close new deals
      • Provides a perspective on sales intelligence for the marketing team
      • Engages in focused and targeted networking events to generate qualified leads
    • Skills Required
      • A minimum of a 5-year proven track record in business development and generating new revenue and growing client rosters (customers)
      • Strong understanding of the current marketing landscape, with a focus on B2B
      • The ability to start and continue a conversation from a cold start
      • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
      • The drive to win
      • The insight to read and understand people and how best to engage and motivate them
      • The resilience to stay positive, focused and motivated in a competitive sales environment
      • An enthusiasm and passion for selling and all things advertising
      • The willingness to collaborate with a diverse team of thinkers and doers
      • A desire to be bold and do bold things
      • Ability to travel internationally (Canada specifically)
      • Excellent negotiation and persuasion skills, while remaining tactful, diplomatic and professional
      • Strong business research skills and business/people intelligence gathering
      • Self-starter, drives initiative and very proactive

    Working in an agile team environment, the BDS is naturally collaborative and personable, with a strong desire to do whatever it takes to succeed.

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  • Analytics Manager


    Are you a data storyteller? Well, we might be the place for you to preach numbers.

    Cargo is looking for an Analytics Manager to help drive insights & actions.

    This is an excellent ground floor opportunity as we are building out a marketing analytics practice, leveraging and expanding on Cargo’s marketing and advertising data and tools for current and future clients.

    This senior-level analytics and research person will initially directly supervise a research and reporting manager while also leading the development and deployment of quantitative-based analysis for marketing activities. The AM will be client facing with the ability to show and tell a story through data – clients want to know “what does this mean?”, “how will it affect what we do next?”, “why is it happening?” and “what should we expect?”. The AM will help build and deliver those answers – both to clients and the rest of the Cargo team.

    • Skills and Qualifications
      • Master’s degree in business analytics, statistics, math or other quantitative field
      • Master’s degree in business analytics, statistics, math or other quantitative field
      • Proficient with a statistical analysis software; SPSS, SAS or R
      • Proficient in web analytics concepts and tools (GA, SiteCat, etc.)
      • Capable in Tableau or other recommended data aggregation software
      • Advanced Excel skills
      • Primary quantitative research experience
      • Experience using predictive analytics to influence decision-making
      • Experience in data integration
      • Extremely attentive to detail
      • Uncommon ability to interpret information and tell the story of the data
      • Individual who understands and respects the value of data integrity
      • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced startup-like environment
      • Strong communication skills with the ability to explain technical data analysis results to business people and business processes, challenges and issues to technical people
      • Leadership skills – mentor and supervise direct team and help grow the practice
    • Additional Traits
      • Bring new and innovative ideas to develop insightful reports. Loves data
      • Ability to self-direct and prioritize daily tasks in alignment with company goals
      • Identify all of the possible data points to analyze and drive insights
      • Create effective presentations for business leaders, with focus on insights and actions
      • Understand the data behind strategy and how to communicate it to people who don’t
      • Prioritize our company’s data and analytics approach
      • Willingness to roll up your sleeves – equal part thinker and doer

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  • Designer


    The Designer visually grows a client's brand with the agency on both an evergreen and project basis. They work on the day-to-day agency creative efforts on behalf of the client’s product and/or service on assigned accounts. In this role, the designer insures that the agency provides:

      • Sound and responsible marketing counseling and planning
      • Conceptual visual creation of ideas spanning all areas of integrated communication, branding and interactive programs
      • Proper and innovative execution of work in all areas on schedule
      • Deliver a consistently superior creative product
      • Innovative solutions and experiences
    • The Requirements
      • Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts, Media Arts, Interaction Design or equivalent education and experience
      • The ideal candidate will have 4 or more years of broad visual and interactive design experience
      • Proven experience in interactive/mobile/web and email design
      • Passion and aptitude for creative business and marketing answers to client problems
      • Knowledge of web application design and build
      • Understanding and aptitude in creative A/B testing and dynamic and contextual digital ad building
      • Self-motivated and driven to expand knowledge and skills
      • Ability to self-manage assignments and projects
      • Works well in a cross-disciplined and cross-functional team environment
      • Experience both print and digital production
      • Capability to work on simultaneous projects and meet tight deadlines
      • Familiarity with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
      • Experience with UX/UI, IA, motion graphics, & web design
      • Knowledge of animation and/or video editing software such as After Effects, etc
      • Familiarity with game design, storyboarding, creating prototypes (prototyping software tools)
      • Comfortable with short development cycles and flexible with shifting priorities
      • Illustration and drawing skills preferred

    They are also a visual design leader for the client and works closely with all agency personnel in developing and executing deliverables. The Designer may have direct client contact with assigned agency clients so must be comfortable pitching answers and work.

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  • PHP Developer


    Cargo is seeking a mid-level PHP developer eager to take on their next challenge. They will function as a key member of the development team responsible for creating, iterating, presenting, and delivering exceptional front-end and back-end programming and system integration that exceed client expectations.

    • The Requirements
      • Multiple years with MVC Frameworks (Server, Debugger, Optimizer)
      • Candidate MUST be at the expert level with OO PHP (4+ years)
      • Experience developing large, robust and high volume customer facing web sites in OO PHP
      • Proven experience in a fast-paced, team-development environment is critical
      • Considerable real-world experience working within a LAMP development environment
      • Experience with JavaScript Frameworks (Server/Client side: NodeJS/React)
      • Robust Experience with HTML5 or CSS3
      • Convert design into standard-compliant HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
      • Full understanding of operating systems (preferably Linux)
      • Ability to write functions, triggers and queries to MySQL
      • Working knowledge of web standards and usability best practices
      • Familiarity with subversion or code repositories (GIT, Subversion)
      • Familiarity with Photoshop, Acrobat, Illustrator & InDesign
      • Ability to manage multiple projects, meet deadlines
      • Superior problem solving skills
      • Detail-orientated and able to produce results independently as well as in a team environment
      • Develop workable budgets, development plans and realistic timetables
      • Collaborates with the other marketing functions on preparation of marketing recommendations, visual design strategies and actions for the client
      • Assist in producing technical specs, frameworks or additional elements on new projects, based on client requirements in collaboration with other team members
      • Ability to recognize upcoming opportunities and threats to their projects
      • Assist in translating complex business requirements, user requirements, and specifications into technical actions
      • Contribute to all aspects of a project: requirements gathering, service development, front-end development, data design, overall architecture, QA, server setup and administration
      • Monitors all budget, research and design related activity to their individual projects
      • Maintains communications with appropriate agency and client personnel to ensure positive workflow
      • Educating agency and clients on development and technical aspects of the project when they arrive
      • Self-manage projects from concept to finish, ensuring successful project completion against deadlines
      • Project quality assurance - testing and review of output, reviewing outputted deliverables against scope
      • Understands: visual design, UX, UI, development needs, timeline, journey maps, sitemaps, wireframing, roadmap planning and any additional elements the agency uses to proceed with digital project creation
      • Strong back-end skills to develop web applications, functional prototypes, interactive demos for a variety of web and mobile-based projects
      • Work as point of translation between external and internal, technical and non-technical audiences
      • Serve as a guide and arbiter of good architecture throughout the course of a project
      • Provide constructive design and code review for other developers, both in-house and freelance
      • Ability to create or better one’s own task list
      • Personal time tracking
    • Bonus Points
      • Familiarity with Laravel
      • Experience creating HTML 5 banners/online display, working with Google Web Designer and DoubleClick
      • Understanding of analytic software (Google Analytics, Hotjar, Tableau)
      • Multi-Faceted type person to assist in creativity and idea thinking
      • Ability to read French

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  • Thinkers & Doers

    (Greenville and Toronto)

    At Cargo, we’re all creatives. No we don’t all use crayons, wear beanies, and write poetry. Well, some of us do. But all Cargonians need to think strategically and work creatively.

    Whether you are an art director, copywriter, client engagement manager, planner, strategist, developer, project manager, designer, information architect, or even cultural observationist, we may have a role for you.

    Send us a note and show us how you can think

  • Interns

    (Greenville and Toronto)

    Cargo, an idea generation & brand engagement firm, is always looking for interns — advertising, PR, design or development. Juniors, Seniors and above are welcome to apply.

    Direct resumes, portfolios, links, etc. to

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