Financial Services

The rapidly transforming financial sector is forcing banks, financial institutions, and service partners to rethink their approach to commercial customers.

If history has taught us anything, it is that financial markets are cyclical and not fully predictable. The financial needs of consumers and commercial organizations change as the economy shrinks and grows and as the money supply contracts or expands dependent upon inflation and prevailing interest rates. Financial institutions that stay in lockstep with the current state of the economy with an eye to the future and that leverage historical and predictive data to understand where financial markets and buying habits are headed will be the winners in this space. This demands a strong dependence upon market research and intelligence and the interpretation of such to provide insights into consumer and commercial needs that can be transformed into new financial products and services that meet the needs of the day.

The way banks make money is shifting. Who and where are the new opportunities?

  • Tightening monetary policy creates opportunities for financial institutions in the small business space.
  • What are the emerging market trends and participants that present an acceptable risk profile?
  • Predictive market analysis and target account engagement are the keys to growth and predictable returns.

Provide financial services that resonate with small business

  • We’ve done the research. Small businesses need flexibility. The “Hot Button” moves as needs change.
  • Loyalty is a core characteristic of small business owners. You help them navigate the choppy waters with the financial backing they need… and they anchor in place.
  • Small businesses are the best source of referrals. Each one brings one.

Financial Literacy is a Big Need

  • Small businesses don’t just need deposit accounts, loans, and lines of credit. They need financial insights and guidance. They need to know what you know.
  • We all need a banker. With a name. Small business needs a “financial friend” that is willing to share knowledge and practices that are key to managing cash and achieving profitability.
  • The checkbook balance is often the primary KPI that small businesses use to gauge financial performance and health. Helping them learn better ways to manage the company’s finances is an invitation that most SMBs heartily welcome.

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