Founder & CGO

Dan Gliatta

Dan always seems to find himself pulling for the underdog — after all, he's been a diehard Browns, Indians, and Cavs fan all his life. Maybe it's the "us-against-the-world" mentality that draws him in. Or maybe he sees the passion and drive that pushes the little guys to stand up and make their mark. Whatever it is, Dan's taken that same thinking into his professional life as well, rooting for the "little guys" of the business world — Small Business Owners (SBOs).

Dan's 20+ year ad career includes working with major brands like NASCAR, Goodyear, Michelin, Freightliner, Daimler Trucks, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, and others. It was through this experience that Dan noticed a gap in how big brands were marketing to SBOs. He began absorbing everything he could find on SBOs. He started noticing their habits and understanding their mindsets. But most importantly, he simply listened to them. It changed the way he looked at SBOs entirely. Today, he's still at it, learning everything he possibly can about SBOs. And by doing so, he's making sure the voice of "the little guy" is being heard loud and clear by big brands everywhere.

Image: Dan
President, Cargo Canada

Miki Velemirovich

Whether it’s collecting and restoring classic cars or adding to his guitar collection, Miki is an expert at building things. That’s what makes him a natural fit to lead the growth of Cargo’s Toronto office.

After spending over 20 years in a variety of sales and marketing roles with big brands like IBM and Mercedes-Benz, Miki has honed his skill in developingstrategies that drive results and effect change. His experience leading brands and teams has enabled him to foster a particular understanding of the motivations, behaviours, and drivers of small business owners and how to help big brands connect with them in a meaningful way.

Image: Miki
Partner & CFO

Scott Brand

Scott is a forward-thinker with a white-hot competitive spirit. Whether it's on the backgammon board or the agency whiteboard, he always seems to be three moves ahead of the competition. But that's what happens when you come out of the USC Moore School of Business with your MBA and a penchant for strategic thinking and technical problem-solving. Add in an absolute disdain for getting out-thought (or worse — out-worked), and you've got one hell of a Client Engagement Director.

Over the years, Scott has put those skills to use working on major brands like Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Wachovia, Michelin, Uniroyal, Verizon Wireless, Freightliner, Daimler Trucks, Advance America, ScanSource, Milliken, and United Way. But he never stopped looking down the road at new areas of growth for his clients. In doing so, he began to identify a prime target that, in his mind, was being underserved and underappreciated by big brands — the millions and millions of hardworking Small Business Owners. To Scott, SBOs represent an amazing opportunity for his clients. Brands just need some guidance, a little foresight, and a ferocious champion to lead the charge. All of which Scott is more than happy to provide.

Image: Scott
Partner & COO

Kacey A. Murphy

Bill Gates didn't start off running a global giant. He started small. Kacey is our Bill Gates, only cooler and with a skateboard. Like Bill, Kacey started small, too — and young. He actually developed one of the first-ever Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Washington before he was even in high school. The backbone he built laid the foundation for one of the largest ISP companies in the world today. During his career, Kacey has developed big IT solutions for brands like Adidas, Johnson & Johnson, Burger King, 3Com, and BP.

But while his solutions may be big, Kacey prefers to focus his attention on the little guys — small businesses. After all, he himself has started more than a dozen small businesses over the years, making him a natural small business expert. And that's exactly why big brands looking for IT strategies, best practices, and development specifically designed to connect with Small Business Owners call Kacey. Eat your heart out, Mr. Gates!

Image: Kacey
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