No One Knows the Small Business Audience Better.

We’re the experts at moving the hearts and minds of Small Business buyers. That’s because we believe there is huge opportunity for brands to connect with this passionate group of consumers. Just take a look at the cold, hard facts.

The Big Value of Small Business

percent of North American Businesses are SMBs and

million of those business are Small Businesses accounting for

percent of North America’s
Total GDP

We Walk the
SBO Walk

By getting inside the minds (and hearts) of Small Business Owners (SBOs). See, it’s one thing to cruise the www, grab someone else’s data, and claim to be an “expert.” That’s not our style. We do our own research, conduct our own studies, draw our own conclusions. Not conclusions drawn from opinions and observations, but from accurate, current data, augmented by the collective experience of our specialists. We call it “data-informed Intuition”. Here are some examples

Heads Up

Cargo does all things SMB, Phase 5 does data-heavy research. We teamed up for a new, breakthrough series of studies.

The State of SMB Insights

  • Why are SMBs optimistic?
  • What is the “COVID class" of SBOs?
  • Why don't SMBs feel in control?
  • How do we harness the online boom?
Heads Up Study

State of SMB Series

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  • NA State of SMB
  • Canada State of SMB

Transportation Brands

As marketers, we must rethink, rework, and reimagine the way we speak to SMBs in 2021. Times are changing, and we must evolve with them. That’s why we created the Heads Up State of SMB study—so you can get the data-backed insights to make your messaging and strategy effective in the new age.

Get this version of the study to see insights tailored specifically for transportation brands.

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Tailored Solutions That Look Good!

One-size fits all usually doesn’t. But bespoke solutions can be slow, inefficient, and well, unnecessary. See, we know what works. So, there’s no need to start from scratch with every solution. We build from a base of proven tactics then trim and add as needed.

Oh, You Thought We’d Just Stop There?

At Cargo, we don’t just pioneer groundbreaking research, we take that research and qualify it by talking with Small Business Owners and Big Business Leaders. Those small discussions lead us to some big Insights. Join the conversation and find out how you can connect with your Small Business audience.