Small Business Scuba Diver

B-Side Marketing Study - Vol. 14 North America

Deep Diving with Crusaders

An in-depth look at the purchasing behaviors of the Crusader SBO

Over the years, we’ve examined various aspect of the Small Business Owner (SBO) to gain insight and understanding into what drives and influences them. Through our previous, B-Side Studies we’ve uncovered a ton of information about their personalities and characteristics. But we wanted to know more about their purchase journey. Where do they go for information and how do they buy? With all these questions swimming around, we knew it was time to search out answers. That’s why we embarked on our latest B-Side mission to track and examine sharks.

Crusader's Shark-like Mentality
Constantly Moviing Forward Constantly moving forward
Actively Looking for Info Actively looking for information
that can help their business
Consumes content with focused mindset Consumes content with
a focused mindset

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Shark Swimming Swiming in a sea of directions, decisions, and destinations Shark Swimming

No “paths” at sea
Endless directions and routes
Digital currents run deep and wide

Crusaders Feel
the Purchase
Process Has Changed.

Warning sign: Changing tides Beach
Crusaders have a plan before they have a need
Crusader diagram
66% Of Crusaders plan ahead for critical business purchases
Circling their Target Arrow circling Boat with radar Sharks circling
Island background
70% Do Online Research
Before Buying
they search for:
61% Price
41% Reviews
39% Comparisons
Shark chewing raft
Chwing on information but not ready to eat
57% Of Crusaders do not move from research straight to purchase
They put value before cost
50%Of Crusaders want to see value messaging during purchasing
Floating light
White caps ocean
Staying mobile in open waters
83% Of Crusaders use a
smartphone for business
29% Use it to make
Hand holding mobile phone
Ready to bite Ready to bite
Most important
decision influencers:
65% Price
33% History / experience
30% Brand
A successful trip A successful trip

Further Thinking

Now you know what we do. So now we want to know:

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