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B-Side Marketing Project

Vol. 1 U.S. Brand Study

Hey Brands, You're Not Hearing Me!

A Study on What's Influencing Today's Small Business Decision Makers

At 30 Million strong and growing, Small Business Owners (SBOs) are often the neglected target audience within brand, company and agency plans. That's where the B-side Marketing Projects comes in – developed as a thinking partnership between Inc. Magazine and Cargo, this long-term research initiative brings a voice to the under-served segment, revealing SBOs behaviors, attitudes and insights so brands can better understand and ultimately better connect with this passionate, driven and loyal audience.

The top-level report is available for download. For a deeper dive sign-up for one of our webinars or contact us directly at metrics@thinkcargo.com for a one-to-one meeting.
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Not knowing what we do as a small business and then trying to present solutions without really understanding our problems, is definately something that will lose my interest level very quickly - Scott Penzarella, StudioVelo
  • Talk to Me, Don't Sell to Me
    Understanding the needs of small business owners is key to engaging them.
    64% of All Small Business Owners Say Brands Try To Sell to Them Versus Talk to Them
  • Growing Expectations
    Despite negative views on the economy in general, small business owners are very optimistic in their own endeavors over the next year.
    • 50% expect substantial growth
    • 35% expect slight growth
    • 15% dont expect growth

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