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B-Side Marketing Project

Vol. 4: Canada Brand Study 2013

SBOs are resilient SOBs

U.S. Small Business Owners (SBOs) had a rough 2013. But they've picked themselves up, dusted themselves off, and are now more determined than ever to succeed. Vol. 5 of the B-Side Marketing Study offers a glimpse into how small businesses see their 2014 shaping up. And so far, business looks good! Download the full-line report for more insights. Looking for more? Contact us directly at metrics@thecargoagency.com for a one-to-one meeting.
Things Are Looking Up
  • Optimism up 6%
  • Expecting Growth up 11%
  • Motivation up 5%
  • A New Challenger
    Keeping up with industry changes proves to be problematic as it breaks into the top 3 SMB challenges: 2014 - 30%, 2013 - 21%
  • Great View
    More SBOs are taking a longer look at their business plan 25% think 12 months out
  • Let's Do It Again
    SBOs that said they'd do it all over again 85% up 10%
Download the report

Brands Making Headway

Brands continue to improve their SMB marketing effectiveness, but there's still room for improvement:
  • Brands marketing effectiveness Up 10%
  • Brands are getting more bang for the marketing dollar $.34 of every dollar spent is wasted
  • Lack of flexibility is the fastest-growing SBO frustration with big brands 15% up 7%

What Are You Trying To Say?

When asked how SBOs wanted marketing campaigns to make them feel
  • Motivated 33%
  • Understood 31%
  • Supported 30%

Further Thinking

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