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sharks, crusaders, & deep divers

3 min read

Ready to get closer to one of the most predominant species of Small Business Owners?

In Of Two Minds, we break down the two most predominant SBO Mindsets: The Artisan and The Crusader. There, we give some surface-level differences between the two, but SBOs aren’t evenly divided into these two groups. In fact, The Crusader (with their Shark-like tendencies) makes up 80% of SBOs. So, we think it’s worth it for you and your brand to get to know them a little better.

Ready to swim with the Sharks? Let’s dive deeper. 
The Crusaders have a Shark-like mentality.
  • Constantly moving forward
  • Actively looking for information that can help their business
  • Consuming content with a focused mindset
They swim in a sea of directions, decisions, and destinations
  • No “paths”
  • Endless directions
  • Digital currents run deep and wide
Crusaders say their purchase process has changed:


say purchase process has changed in the last decade


say they shop more online


say there’s more info


say it’s more digital

Crusaders are constantly on the hunt:
  • Crusaders make critical business purchases about every 18-19 weeks
  • But they never stop keeping an eye open for anything that looks good

  • 35% of top purchase decisions are influenced by search engines

Crusaders have a plan before they have a need:
  • 66% of Crusaders plan ahead for critical business purchases
Crusaders circle their target:


do online research before buying


search for price


search for reviews


search for comparisons

Crusaders chew on information before they decide to eat:


do not move from research straight to purchase


want to see value messaging during purchase

Hope their smartphone is water-proof:


use a smartphone for business


use it to make purchases

When they’re ready to bite:

Most important decision influencers are:
  • 65% Price
  • 33% History/Experience
  • 30% Brand
To lure them in:
  • Attract (rather than guide) them
  • Clearly communicate your value
  • Make purchasing easy
  • Be realistic with budgets

Source: B-Side Marketing Study — Vol. 14. 2017, North America “Deep Diving with Crusaders: An in-depth look at the purchase behavior of the Crusader Small Business Owner.”