The Power of Personas

Personas are a small tool that can mean big wins for you and your Small Business customers.

Trends in marketing today are looking more and more personalized and customer-centric. Consumers are no longer tolerant of slick-tongued marketers pushing even slicker campaigns upon them. Rather than brands saying, “It’s all about me,” consumers have turned the tables to make it about them.

Consumers now expect to be understood. And, they expect to be marketed to at the right time, in the right place. And SBOs? Well, they’re no exception to this rule.

So, since a once-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work to engage SBOs, how do you market to, say, Steve the 47-year-old landscaper and Cheri the 28-year-old tech startup founder?

You build fictional personas by getting to know Steve and Cheri better. And here are few easy steps to get you started.

Do Your Homework

You need to determine the SBOs currently buying from you. As they say, nothing worth doing is quick or easy. I’m sorry, but you gotta do the work. So, round up your analytics and research team. And make them do it.

Build Character

From all that research, you’ll have learned demographic information, such as income, age, hobbies and interests, gender, occupation, relationship status, education, and location. Give this buyer an actual photo. Humanize her further by naming her.

What’s the Matter?

You’ll have also determined what kinds of problems your customer experiences as a Small Business Owner, and the challenges they face. Deficient of time like everyone else, SBOs appreciate brands that can solve problems for them. If you can figure out how to ease SBOs’ minds and relate to what SBOs value, you’re well on your way to forming a lasting relationship.

Keep it Real

Don’t try to be all things for everyone. SBOs in particular don’t have time for generalities. Once you’ve created a few personas, you’ll see more than one personality type. This is valuable information for targeted campaigns, messaging, and content.

Putting it all Together

For example, instead of sending the same nurturing email to all your SBO customers, you can segment your emails, and personalize or tailor them according to different personas. So, for instance, you may have many SBO customers in the trades, like Steve, as well as several in tech, like Cheri. The content in Steve’s email will differ from the content in Cheri’s. That’s real.

While the importance of recognizing an SBO’s individuality cannot be stressed enough, our SBO research did find a strong similarity among them: 64% feel brands don’t market to them effectively. Listen up, brands. Because this is your opportunity on a platter.

With your newfound personas, you’ll be more strategic in catering to your SBO audience. You’ll also have a better understanding of who you’re trying to speak to, and in return, you’ll end up relating to them on a human level.

Personas are a small tool that can mean big wins for you and your Small Business customers.