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Branding. It’s an overwhelming task even for big business. But for time-strapped SBOs, it’s an absolute behemoth. Just mention the word around them, and their heads begin to swim with ideas of expensive ad campaigns, TV spots, and outdoor boards. So many SBOs fail to see the huge branding opportunities that are right in front of them. But by working with 3M’s Commercial Solutions Division, we set out to change that by introducing SBOs to “Brand You.”

“Brand You” is a collection of resources that help educate and inspire small businesses on the ins and outs of branding through applied graphics. You know, vehicle wraps, wall and floor graphics, LED signage. Some of the most critically important, yet often overlooked, aspects of branding. The foundation of this effort began with the “Brand You” site experience.

Educating SBOs

Recently, 3M revealed its new global positioning and tagline, “Science. Applied to Life.” We thought about that for a bit. “Science” also applies to branding. How the mind interprets messaging. How the eye sees color and shape. And how it all works together to influence behavior. It provided the perfect educational platform for “Brand You” — The Science of Branding. We filled “Brand You” with educational articles, stories, and how-to’s that were bucketed in three key areas. First, Branding Basics which helps SBOs understand why branding is so important. Second, Visual Theory helps them understand visual priority so they can ensure their brand gets noticed. And finally, Experiential Innovation introduces SBOs to new, exciting ways they can engage customers.

Inspiring SBOs

Now that SBOs had a better idea of what branding is all about, we wanted to show them how other small businesses successfully applied those lessons to their own brands. The “Brand You” gallery is a collection of imagery showcasing all of these various examples, in an effort to help SBOs imagine how they can bring their brand to life. “Brand You” is also full of inspirational case studies that highlight SBOs, and the techniques they use to get noticed.

Helping SBOs

They say you’re never more than 10 feet away from a 3M product. Translation: 3M makes a ton of products. Even within the Graphic Solutions Division, SBOs have a litany of available films and substrates to choose from, each specifically designed for an intended use. But an SBO doesn’t have time to figure out all of that. So, “Brand You” provides a resource that takes the work out of finding the right product — The Brand Owners’ Buying Guide. This quick-reference tool makes finding the perfect 3M graphic solutions product clear. and easy.

The entire “Brand You” site educates and inspires SBOs to become bigger, better branders. But how did we intend to get “Brand You” noticed by business owners? With no scheduled media planned, we decided to turn to businesses who had direct contact with the SBOs — 3M’s Graphic Manufacturers.

"Brand You" GM Kit

Graphic Manufacturers (GMs) is a network of thousands and thousands of sign shops and printing companies around the country that sell 3M film and substrates. These valuable allies interact directly with SBOs, providing graphics solutions for their business needs. It made perfect sense to ask for their help in getting the word out about “Brand You.” So to make it easy, we developed a GM Kit.

The GM Kit is a collection of eblasts, posters, vehicle wraps, and social media posts to help sign shops easily spread the word. The kit even includes a training sheet that helps GMs talk to their customers about branding and “Brand You.”

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