Keys To Smarter Business

The annual Inc. 500 | 5000 list honors the fastest growing businesses in the country. And the annual conference gathers them together to honor, share and learn. What better place to learn how to gain an edge over the competition? Enter "Keys to Smarter Business" - a QR-based ambient media game. Participants were able to seek out codes placed around the area, scan via mobile device, learn valuable business tips and enter for a chance at prizes. The site now serves as the platform for future events and more opportunities to engage with the small business audience.

"Keys to Smarter Business" was played by discovering and unlocking business tips scattered throughout the conference and surrounding areas. These keys were unlocked using QR code technology, which was directed to a mobile optimized microsite. Winners were randomly selected, and directed to the Sprinter tradeshow booth where they received their prize.

Store fronts near the Inc. 500 conference gave the audience more opportunities to learn and win.

In-room TV screens greeted conference attendees with various daily messages, prompting them to unlock and learn the Keys to Smarter Business.

In addition to business keys, Sprinter hotspot keys were placed on four Sprinters in and around the conference. These keys highlighted the various Best-in-Class features a Sprinter provides.

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