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The Strategy

different is Better

For SBOs, a competitive advantage can make the difference when determining their success. So, when Lenovo needed help speaking to SBOs, their decision makers, and startups, we said, sign us up. Small Businesses need something that makes a difference. And Lenovo builds difference-making devices. So, we thought, what better way to unite these two groups than through what makes them, well, different.


Difference Maker Stories

To move an SBO's mind, you have to move their heart. And nothing impacts an SBO more than hearing from their peers. So, we created emotional videos tapping into how Small Business Owners are using Lenovo products to make a difference.

Cargo has been critical to us at Lenovo in evolving how we talk to and market to SMBs. Their unique combination of SMB expertise and creative problem-solving talent has helped deliver record results for us. We value and enjoy both the strategic thinking and the day-to-day work in what is truly a team-like partnership.

- Jennifer Downes

Executive Director, NA Marketing, Lenovo


A Different Way
at Content

SBOs love to consume content. But, it has to be relevant. And it has to be found where SBOs are looking. So, we partnered with popular SBO resources like Entrepreneur and Forbes and hosted our own content on Lenovo’s SMB site.


Direct Delivery

Sometimes the best way to get the attention of a new school audience, is to go old school. To help launch a new product, we sent SBOs a print piece designed to be the same width, height, and texture of their newest device.


Us VS Them

What better way to discover a difference than a face off? We put Lenovo devices to the test, battling sawdust, connectivity, flight delays, and more.


The 12 Days of Business

SBOs have to find a way to balance their business and their lives. And at holiday time, it can get a little tough. So, we launched a multimedia campaign to help SBOs remember to get a gift for their business.


Making a Social Difference

Across the globe, women are making a difference. And as a brand, Lenovo wanted to showcase how they make a difference for women. So, we launched a campaign championing the women of Small Business by helping them share their stories.


Lenovo Saw
the Difference Too

All that work? Well, it made its mark. Since our partnership, Lenovo has seen a 36% increase in year over years sales. And they’ve rapidly gained market share as the fastest growing SMB PC company in North America. As for Difference Makers? It’s now Lenovo’s SMB promise, worldwide.

Now you know what we do. So now we want to know:

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