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All Small Business Owners have a story to tell. And Sprinter owners are no different. They just needed an opportunity to tell it. So, we built them a stage. The Sprinter Stories website highlights 16 Sprinter owners and shows how they put their Sprinters to work. By highlighting the different uses, other small business owners can see how they can utilize the Sprinter's ample cargo space. Not only can visitors find inspiration in their peers' stories, they can also submit their own for a chance to be featured on the site. Designed to extend digital reach, this content marketing effort quickly became the most visited digital property the company has.

16 Sprinter owners tell their story, and how the Sprinter has helped them achieve their business goals. This newly redesigned site is the perfect way for small business to visualize the Sprinter's potential.

Each story takes an in-depth look at each owner. How they got started. Where they've been. Where they are going. And how the Sprinter is going to help get them there.

The Sprinter Stories site was also created as a mobile site so that busy small business owners can browse the videos wherever they are.

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