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The Campaign

Put it to the Test

Canada? It’s home to some of the harshest winter conditions on the planet. And the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter? It’s engineered for extremes. Mercedes-Benz Vans challenged us with showing SBOs just how far the Sprinter could go, and we decided to do just that. Cue the Arctic Drive, a 5,000-kilometer journey across some of the world’s most severe arctic terrain. And as for documentation? We invited editors and journalists from leading industry publications to chronicle their experiences of the drive.


A Visual Journey

We chronicled the Sprinter’s cross-country adventure on the Arctic Drive website, complete with course map, journal entries, stunning photography, and an incredible documentary-style video series.


Beyond the Arctic Circle

Accompanying the Arctic Drive effort was a massive social campaign detailing the trip and inviting the audience to experience the expedition for themselves.


The convoy of nine Sprinter vans encountered and prevailed through the worst of Mother Nature’s wrath throughout their 5,000-kilometer journey.




Fueling the Experience

In addition to a full social push, the Arctic Drive campaign was also promoted through digital media, including display banners and website promos.


Driving it Home

From Alberta to British Columbia, the Yukon to Alaska, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinters conquered their 5,000-kilometer journey. From surviving iced highways to thriving in harsh climates, and temperatures reaching -40° Celsius, the drive went off without a hitch. And, throughout it all, the Sprinter proved it was setting the standard for commercial vans, regardless of climate.

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