Our Singular Mission is to Help Big Brands Grow

How? By helping you identify and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the small and medium market space. And we’re the ideal partner to do it.

We Understand
the Big Value of SMBs

We believe there is huge opportunity for brands to connect with SMB buyers.

This passionate group of consumers is undervalued, underserved, and underappreciated. And we help brands expand their market reach and grow their bottom lines by tapping into this SMB market potential.

Just take a look at the cold, hard facts.


of North American Businesses are SMBs


SMBs account for


of Total GDP


jobs supported

No One Knows
the SMB Audience Better

We’re the experts at moving the hearts and minds of SMB buyers.

That’s because we do our own research, conduct our own studies, and draw our own conclusions. Just check out some of our audience insights — click on the icons below to download a small sampling of our SMB studies.

No One Connects
with SMBs Like We Do

We specialize in helping big brands market and sell to-and-through SMBs… not only end-user commercial buyers… but your distributor/dealer/broker network, as well.
Whether it be marketing directly to your SMB customers OR arming your reseller network (who often are SMBs themselves) — we understand the market and sales dynamics for big brands. Just another reason why Cargo is the perfect partner to help support your corporate marketing efforts across the globe.