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The industrial sector is facing challenges that grow more complex each day. But at Cargo, we’re not worried. Because we know innovative brands are excited about the opportunity for growth.

Recent supply chain challenges and inflationary impacts have many organizations rethinking how and where they source raw materials. To bring predictability back into the supply model, they need greater influence and control over supply base and production operations. Suddenly, service is elevated to an essential revenue stream.

As the lead time and price of equipment and products skyrocket, SMBs are looking to extend the life of their most expensive capital equipment through effective preventive maintenance programs that minimize downtime and maximize output. The result? A focus on localizing the supply chain and increasing emphasis on revenue-generating service offerings.

Modern manufacturing deserves a clean start.

  • Today’s industrial environments are clean, efficient, and highly automated. The world needs to rethink how it views manufacturing.
  • Supply constraints resulting from pandemic and geo-political factors are fueling an industrial renaissance in countries and industries that need more control over raw material and component supply. Now is the time to find new partners and streamline operations.
  • Today’s manufacturers are system integrators. Very few are vertically integrated to source and produce from raw materials to finished goods.
  • It takes a network of suppliers and producers working together in a highly coordinated supply network to bring a product to market and match supply to demand—all the while delivering impeccable quality.
  • Growing your company creates a “halo effect” that positively impacts entire communities and industries.

A growing industrial base and a shrinking workforce create challenges and opportunities.

  • Manufacturing needs to be recast in the minds of today’s workforce to attract top-tier talent. The need for positive employer branding is paramount in the industrial sector.
  • Today’s industrial environments offer interesting and challenging careers that revolve around design and technology. Innovation is key to remaining competitive on the global stage.
  • The need for flexible work schedules and creative working arrangements brings many modern job perks into the industrial space. We have a unique opportunity to help people see industrial careers in a new light.
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