Transportation & Equipment

Current market dynamics present tremendous growth opportunities for manufacturers, distributors, and dealers.

With businesses and consumers wanting almost everything delivered to their front door “right now,” it presents a tremendous growth opportunity for manufacturers, distributors, and dealers of vehicles, parts, and services. Suppliers in the transportation space not only can benefit from a rapidly expanding market due to the need for increased capacity, but the market’s transformation from internal combustion engines to electric, and other alternatively fueled vehicles opens the market for new players to participate and for legacy brands to reshape their brand image and positioning.

It’s not just a “truck”

  • Commercial vehicles aren’t just for hauling large freight anymore. Small package and
    “last mile delivery” services are in high demand and growing.
  • Rolling stock has to keep rolling, rolling, rolling. A well-maintained fleet that maximizes uptime is essential to generating revenue and keeping customers happy.
  • There’s a big ole’ world out there… adventure awaits. Van and truck conversions for the Adventure and Recreational vehicle markets represent a greater percentage of vehicle sales than ever before. This trend opens up a whole new market for manufacturers, dealers, and upfitters.

Be the solution, not the problem

  • Carriers need more vehicles to solve today’s supply chain challenges… why not yours?
  • Today… we don’t go get it; it comes to us. Is your brand the one that “brings it?”
  • The move toward electric vehicles of all classes is gaining momentum exponentially and presents new opportunities for transportation and vehicle brands to completely remake their brand positioning in the markets in which they participate.
  • Commercial vehicles today are more economical, environmentally friendly, and live longer… in the line of duty… not in the junkyard.

We’re clean. But we can play dirty.

  • Willie Nelson sang, “On the Road Again.” But sometimes it’s not. Some vehicles
    are perfectly at home off-road… in the field, on the job site, and in the
    plant. We know how to promote equipment that works in the dirt… and
  • Huge global infrastructure needs are rapidly escalating the demand for
    Agricultural, Earth-Moving, and Material Handling Equipment, We help you
    capture more than your share of the market expansion.
  • Loans & Leasing, Attachments, Parts, and Maintenance represent significant
    and growing revenue streams for equipment and machinery manufacturers. But
    you can’t sell it if nobody knows you have it. Let us help you get the
    word out.
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