Building The Future: 3 Trends Shaking Up the Equipment Industry

Building Blocks for the Future

Many businesses need construction, material handling, agriculture, and more. And off-road equipment Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are a crucial piece of their puzzle. OEMs design, develop, and manufacture heavy machinery. And their solutions play a significant role in shaping the future of contracting or even farming.

So, as technology advances and customer demands change, it’s essential for OEMs to stay on top of the latest industry trends. So, let’s take a look at what’s shaking up the world of heavy equipment OEMs today, what attendees of the upcoming CONEXPO can expect, and what makes marketing agencies essential for brand-growth.

Trend #1: Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has become one of the biggest trends in the heavy equipment OEM industry. Why? The latest tech advancements are allowing OEMs to digitize—improving efficiency and streamlining processes, from supply chain to logistics. They also can now offer better customer experiences and gather valuable data that can inform product development and marketing strategies. And when customers need support? OEMs can now monitor all equipment’s status and proactively offer maintenance. With many customers in remote places around the world, modern solutions, like virtual and augmented reality, come in handy for self-repair support.

As the industry shifts, it’s essential for OEMs to have a strong online presence. Marketing agencies can help OEMs develop a digital marketing strategy that leverages the latest technology to reach their target audiences at bigger scale and drive revenue.

Trend #2: Emphasis on Sustainability

The OEM industry isn’t the only thing changing. So is the world. And sustainability has become a much more prevalent concern for customers. Products that are environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient, and have smaller carbon footprints are increasingly important to customers today. The response from OEMs? They’ve begun developing products that are more sustainable—like electric, hybrid, and even alternatively fueled equipment—while also incorporating sustainable materials and manufacturing processes.

Not only are these new methods of equipment manufacturing better for our environment, but they also provide contractors and fleet owners the opportunity to work longer hours due to the reduced noise-level. Now, what about launching these products? How do OEMs let their customers know about the increased benefits? This is where marketing help from an agency can highlight their efforts and launch these new, environmentally-friendly products—while also differentiating from the onslaught of new competitors with similar sustainability goals in mind.

Trend #3: Increased Automation

Reduced labor costs. Improved efficiency. Increased production speed. Automated machinery packs in many powerful benefits for OEM brands. It’s the ultimate competitive edge, enhancing operations with fresh automation tech—like robots, remote operation, and operator-optional technologies. It’s no wonder why automation has become a significant trend in the heavy equipment OEM industry. And marketing agencies can help OEMs educate customers on the benefits of this technology with tailored marketing solutions.

The New Way Forward

Equipment OEMs are facing many challenges as they navigate the rapidly changing landscape of their industry. From digital transformation to sustainability and automation, OEMs must stay on top of the latest trends to remain competitive and meet the needs of their customers. And with the right help from the right marketing agency, they can reach and retain customers at a bigger scale. Digital marketing strategies in today’s advanced tech world can highlight sustainability efforts and educate customers on the benefits of automation.