The B2B Bowl: A Huge, Missed Opportunity

Take B2B Off the Bench

The “Big Game” is one of the most exciting events worldwide—for sports fans, the advertising industry, and everyone in between. The Sunday is celebrated for its high-profile halftime show, star-studded creative commercials, and, of course, the game itself. But despite the massive audience that tunes in each year, there’s often a widely underrepresented ad strategy—Business-to-Business (B2B) ads. We’re not letting the huge, missed opportunity go unnoticed.

Why Isn’t B2B in the Game?

B2B, where companies sell products or services to other businesses, rather than consumers, plays a vital role in our economy by providing the goods and services that other companies need to operate and grow.

One reason for the lack of B2B commercials is that companies often have a more niche target audience than consumer-facing brands. They may not have the same mass appeal as, say, a fast-food chain or a car manufacturer. Plus, spots during the Big Game are very expensive—estimated to cost about $7 million for a 30-second spot. And brands don’t always have a large B2B marketing budget compared to their consumer-facing counterparts.

Bring it to the Big Stage

While B2B ads may not be front and center on Sunday, maybe they should be. Over 10 million new Small Businesses, defined as having less than 100 employees, have opened since 2020. And they all need modern solutions. Additionally, Small Businesses make up 99% of all businesses. Whether it’s fresh tech, financial services, or even commercial transportation solutions for their vehicle fleet, Small Businesses can be a big customer for big brands.

These Small Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. From husband-and-wife food trucks to larger, automotive repair shops, these businesses create jobs, drive innovation, and improve community connection. They are just as vital to the economy as the consumer-facing brands that dominate the ad lineup on gameday.

But what’s the real opportunity here? B2B is becoming just as creative and innovative as B2C. Small Business Owners are humans too. They are driven by emotional and impactful stories. So, what better time than on the big stage to capture the attention of the millions of Small Business Owners who tune in to watch the game.

Let’s Take Over the Game

The Big Game is a great opportunity to celebrate American culture and bring people together. But it’s also important to remember the Small Businesses that drive us forward and to give them the attention they deserve. So, let’s enjoy the game, the commercials, and the halftime show, but let’s also see where B2B can make a play and take advantage of the missed opportunity next year.