Cargo and Bridge City Coffee Collaborate to Support Local Small Business and Inspire Creativity 

The Cargo Agency recently announced a collaboration with Bridge City Coffee, an Upstate-based coffee shop with a mission to build value and hope through the power of coffee. The agency is a global specialist agency dedicated to connecting compelling brands with their Small and Medium-Sized Business customers. Together, they have curated two exceptional custom blends, “Haute Ask” and “Closer,” specially crafted to invigorate and inspire the creative minds at The Cargo Agency’s West Greenville office. 

Recognizing the significance of championing local businesses and cultivating community, The Cargo Agency joined forces with Bridge City Coffee to develop these unique blends. By incorporating the most sought-after flavor profiles preferred by the Cargonian community, the collaboration aims to capture the essence of artisanal coffee and ignite a sense of excitement among coffee lovers. 

The first blend, “Haute Ask”, is a meticulously crafted combination of select beans from Congo and Rwanda featuring sweet, fruity, floral, raspberry, and honey notes. With its fresh aroma and smooth texture, Haute Ask is a shameless blend inspiring timeline defiance and originality to help Cargonians be ready for whatever arises. 

Closer, is a relationship-building badass blend dark roasted for unrelenting smoothness. Carefully curated with a blend of exotic beans from Brazil and Costa Rica, Closer offers a distinct flavor profile including cozy, rich, chocolatey, and nutty flavors that evokes warmth and satisfaction. Its robust notes bring communities closer together and is an ideal choice for those seeking a truly indulgent coffee experience.  

The Cargo Agency and Bridge City Coffee share a commitment to supporting local communities and fostering creativity. By collaborating on these custom coffee blends, they aim to celebrate the diverse flavors and artistry that coffee has to offer, while also contributing to the growth and success of small businesses within the community. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Bridge City Coffee on this exciting venture,” said Marc DelVecchio, Associate Creative Director of Cargo. “As an agency dedicated to creativity and community, we believe in the power of collaboration and supporting Small Businesses. These custom blends are a testament to our shared passion for quality and craftsmanship.” 

Bridge City Coffee’s Owner & Business Visionary, Greg Ward, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “Working with The Cargo Agency has been an incredible experience. We both have a deep appreciation for the artistry of coffee and the impact it can have on our local community. The creation of Haute Ask and Closer showcases our shared commitment to providing exceptional coffee experiences.”

The Haute Ask and Closer blends will be exclusively available at Cargo, providing employees and guests with the opportunity to savor this unique collaboration. Coffee enthusiasts and local community members are invited to visit Bridge City Coffee’s website at for more information. 


Founded in 2006, Cargo is a global, data-informed, B2SB (Business to Small Business) Marketing® agency that delivers strategic marketing solutions and services. The agency specializes in connecting compelling brands with their small- and medium-sized business customers to drive business goals.