Cargo Crafts Film to Document GE’s Momentous Occasion

Industry Changing First Step Toward 100% Decarbonization Filmed by Cargo Studios.

Cargo, the world’s premiere business to small business (B2SB) marketing agency, today announced its role in supporting the first successful utility-scale demonstration of hydrogen-blended fuel being used in a GE HA gas turbine, at the Long Ridge Energy Terminal, located in Hannibal, OH. Cargo Studios was selected to produce a documentary-style film to highlight the success of this momentous occasion.

Ultimately, Cargo’s work debuted at Long Ridge’s Earth Day event, which was attended by national, state, and local government leaders. They were gathered to learn about the success of the demonstration and see the film, which detailed this positive first step in transitioning Long Ridge’s power plant toward 100% carbon-free hydrogen.

“We are thankful that GE and Long Ridge trusted us to document this game-changing event in the energy generation industry,” said David Estrada, Global Production Lead at Cargo Studios.

View the film.

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