Cargo Wins Drum Award in B2B for Good Category

Cargo was selected as the 2022 Drum Awards winner of the B2B for Good Category, a global awards program that recognizes best practices, best companies, and the best people from across the marketing and communications industry. 

The show was held live from The Drum Labs in London, where Cargo’s work with ClimeCo’s “A Plastic-Free Coastline” was the winning piece, and Lenovo’s “Evolve Small” was selected as the runner-up. 

ClimeCo, a global sustainability company whose mission is to advance the low-carbon future with market-based solutions, supports businesses that want to offset their impact on the world. They are the first to offer Plastic Credits globally in the environmental commodity market. ClimeCo wanted an impactful video highlighting the environmental and economic benefits of their plastic programs and why they do what they do. Cargo created a piece that featured the ugliness of plastic waste and the beauty of ClimeCo’s efforts. The video helps ClimeCo seal the deal with big brands looking to promote positive change. And “A Plastic Free Coastline” is a great stepping stone for raising awareness and empowering ClimeCo to achieve its goal of removing 100,000 tons of plastic pollution from the environment by 2030 through plastic credit funding. 

Lenovo wanted to help BIPOC-owned Small Businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, so they turned to Cargo to help them create a program that not only voiced support but provided tangible support in the form of grants, technology giveaways, and business advice. Cargo created Evolve Small, a program centered around three core support areas for Small Business Owners—Aid, Mentorship, and Community Involvement. The campaign was a resounding success generating 845,000,000+ media impressions, 186,494 engagements, 151,899 video views, and 21 unique earned media placements. But the greater success? 83 businesses received tech makeovers or giveaways, and 78 businesses in the United States and Canada received Evolve Small grants. 

The Drum Awards for B2B celebrate the companies and people bringing creativity to B2B marketing worldwide.