Let’s be honest — who really wants to compromise? Not SBOs. They don’t want this or that. They want this AND that. So, when Intel needed help telling Small Business Owners that Intel-powered 2-in-1 devices gave them the best of both worlds, we said, “piece of cake.”

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Anywhere AND Anytime

SBOs love their video content, which is why we decided to develop a series of pre-roll ads keying in on the versatility of 2-in-1s in action.

Traditional AND Digital

Times, they are a changing. But, while more and more SBOs are turning to digital publications, they still like to reach for good ol’ ink and paper from time to time. So, we put our message in both.

Digital AND then Some

SBOs are constantly online browsing for their business. So, we gave the “Power of AND” campaign a serious online presence including display banners, sponsored blog posts, and live reads on popular SBO podcasts.

The Home of AND

As for all of that media exposure, it had to drive somewhere. And that’s why we established a landing page where SBOs could learn all about Intel-powered 2-in-1 devices.

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AND the Campaign Stuck

As for AND? It resonated with SMBs far and wide. The Power of AND was featured everywhere from Wired to the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur to INC, and it was seen over 107 million times by SBOs. Better still? The campaign increased an SBOs intent to buy by 25%. And that’s a pretty good story.