Embrace the Chaos

Ever seen an elite team of hack-stars execute a diabolically evil plan? Yeah, neither have we. But, this bumbling, yet loveable group sure did help us the spread word about the end of Windows 7 and the importance of making the shift to Windows 10 Pro.

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League of Chaos Episodes

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Episode 1

A Diabolical Plan

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Episode 2

They Forgot the Cheese

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Episode 3

Implement the POA

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Episode 4

Definitely Not Malware

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Episode 5

Hit It…Now

How We Pulled It Off


How do you build a character universe? With characters narrating their unique POV from exclusive storytelling podcasts.


A five-part web series that follows a ragtag team of hackers as they go head to head against Windows 10 Pro.

Sales Enablement

The League wasn’t the only team we outfitted. We helped prep Lenovo Partners with content touting the benefits of Windows 10 Pro.


Spread the word? You got it. We delivered content (and our message) straight to customer inboxes through a nurture track.

Social Media

Meme game on fleek. No, really. We Facebooked, Tweeted, Instagram’d and Meme’d our way across the internet.

Interactive Content

From two separate web experiences to personality quizzes to a chance to hack your way to fame, the League offered multiple avenues for engagement.

How’d It Go?

Our socially awkward super-hackers hit the market and were an overnight sensation, loved by customers, Lenovo, Intel, and Microsoft alike. And, as for performance? Well, let’s just say that big name brands like CDW, SHI, and Best Buy put the campaign to work for their brands, too.