An Unthinkable Campaign Inspiring the New Workforce

Lenovo ThinkBook: Achieving amazing results.


Lenovo is committed to delivering “smarter technology for all.” And the brand’s “Think” legacy of laptops inspires and pushes the limits of innovation and creativity for its users.


Lenovo planned a worldwide launch of a new line of commercial laptops designed for Gen Y/Z end users, today’s new workforce. This passionate, professional, and purpose-driven audience looks to tech to help empower and inspire them to achieve amazing results. Cargo was tasked with helping ThinkBook appeal to this audience.


After strategic planning and researching to understand the market, Cargo found the Gen Y/Z customer base has become increasingly involved in decision making within their workplace. So, the campaign was fueled by the concept that ThinkBook allows users to innovate from anywhere, breakthrough from anywhere, and overcome anything—ultimately, empowering our audience to “do the unthinkable.” Cargo captured the essence of “do the unthinkable” and reached a large global audience in a multi-channel campaign, using assets like:

Video Content

Cargo created three unthinkable stories, 90-second videos of innovation, passion, and purpose to appeal to the audience’s desire to associate with brands who share their own values.


The inspiring videos needed a place to live. Naturally, became that location, allowing users to explore ThinkBook in depth. We helped carry this web approach throughout the funnel, building this high-level awareness page—plus consideration pages, GEO pages, and pages for channel partners.

Global Paid Media

Now, we have amazing video content. And we have a landing page to house it. What’s next? Something driving our audience to that content. So, Cargo developed display ads and a paid social campaign to inspire and entice audiences to explore ThinkBook and our unthinkable stories.


The Stories

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Within Reach

The first video promotes ThinkBook for the experience driven. In this story, a young engineer uses her own experiences, and her ThinkBook, to design an unthinkable tool to empower a limb-different musician. The end reveals that the engineer had to overcome her own challenges.

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Fresh Paint

Story two inspires creativity—featuring a young programmer, dedicated to his career and community. He teams up with a local street artist, using ThinkBook to push the boundaries of innovation to revitalize their community—ultimately, attracting more business for everyone.

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Dirty Work

The final story is built on versatility, where a mother and a daughter translate their personal convictions into change. With an unthinkable idea and the power of ThinkBook, they turn a community waste issue into a prominent composting business to help the neighborhood, the earth, and their own livelihood.



The three stories encourage young professionals to ponder what their own unthinkable is while inspiring them to push the limits of possibility using the reliable and powerful ThinkBook family. We achieved our own unthinkable while bringing these uplifting stories to life—with visual narratives that evoked true emotion. The numbers?


ThinkBook served as the #1 Channel-sold device in EMEA


“Do The Unthinkable” campaign and “Fresh Paint” combined for 5 Telly Awards, and “Within Reach” nominated for Drum Award


in key markets, including US & UK