Driving Sales One App at a Time

How do you reach Small Business Owners (SBOs) who don’t have time to go to a dealership? You take the dealership experience to them. The Mercedes-Benz Sales Tool app is loaded with vehicle models, specs, pricing, and a ton of useful tools for both dealers and customers. Price calculators to help budgeting. Cost of ownership calculators to show how much the Sprinter can save SBOs over a 5-year period. It’s even got a tool that lets customers build and upfit their perfect Sprinter.

Saving SMB’s Precious Time and Money

The iPad sales app for Mercedes-Benz vans is a game-changer for Small Business Owners (SBOs), enhancing their buying experience and increasing convenience. Gone are the days of wasting time traveling to a dealership, only to find limited stock. With the app, SBOs have access to the entire lineup of Mercedes-Benz vans at their fingertips, anytime and anywhere. The app goes beyond just browsing, as it allows for complete customization, enabling SBOs to personalize their vans with the exact options and features that align with their business needs. Additionally, the app features a comprehensive financial calculator that provides a (clear overview of the total cost of ownership. By simplifying and streamlining the van purchasing process, the Mercedes-Benz sales app empowers SBOs to effectively manage their time, tailor their vehicles to their specific needs, and make financially prudent choices.

Making Sales Around the Clock

The efficiency doesn’t stop there. By allowing dealers to showcase all models and customization options without the need for physical inventory on the lot, the app provides a streamlined sales process. Dealers can eliminate bulky and expensive sales collateral by presenting detailed information, images, specifications, and pricing directly on the app 24/7. Dealers can save quotes and customer information digitally making lead generation and follow-up a breeze.

Full Speed Ahead

To this day, the Mercedes-Benz Sales Tool app remains incredibly popular with both the client and customers alike. Thanks to the app, dealers have innovated the way they sell, customers have simplified the way they shop, and the Mercedes-Benz brand has become synonymous with the idea of hard work. That’s what we like to call a triple threat.