That’s an 11!

IT workers see it all. And now they can say it all. Blake and Shay are our IT pros, here to help usher in the shift towards Windows 11 Pro on modern Lenovo devices for business. Or rather, they just comment on their less-than-competent hybrid workforce who struggle on outdated hardware and software. All the while, three judges harshly score the action.

The Content Series

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Episode 1
The Substitution
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Episode 2
The Presentation
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Episode 3
The Multitasker
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Episode 4
The Performer
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Episode 5
The Administrator
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Episode 6
The Scammer

Bringing it to Life

A Lenovo partner landing page became the home for the full toolbox of assets—designed to help sales partners to inspire their IT customers to upgrade to Windows 11.


An email series was designed to help partners engage with customers and encourage them to watch the series.

Social Media Posts

A demand-gen focused social campaign drove direct web traffic to Lenovo partner websites.

Display Banners

Banner ads were designed to drive web traffic from social to Lenovo partner websites.

Conversation Card

An influential tool helped steer the upgrade conversation and drive sales.


This visual piece provided product specifications and key statistics that drive engagement.


Engaging marketing materials drew the attention of potential customers.

Customer Presentation

This presentation covered the pillars of Windows 11, use cases, and the future of business.


Scoring the Performance

What were the results of the whole campaign? Well, our bantering IT pros might have annoyed their coworkers. But they also helped generate internal partner buzz—informing on the advanced capabilities of the Microsoft and Lenovo combo—from multiple angles. As Blake and Shay would say, “that’s an 11!”